Kickstart Your Dream: How to Successfully Fundraise with a Kickstarter Campaign

Session 3
11:45am – 12:30pm

“Right now, it’s only a notion. But I think I can get money to make it into a concept … and later turn it into an idea.” (from Annie Hall by Woody Allen)

The idea of “fan funding” is not a new one, but Kickstarter has successfully reinvigorated and become synonymous with the concept since forming in 2008. As the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects, they assist creators across the fields of music, film, art, technology, design, food, publishing, and more in connecting with supporters worldwide. Learn how to launch your own Kickstarter campaign, why some campaigns are more successful than others, and the best practices for reaching your financial goal and achieving your dreams.


Stephanie Pereira, Director, Art Programs at Kickstarter
Prior to working at Kickstarter, Stephanie was the Associate Director of Learning and Engagement at Eyebeam Art & Technology Center. She has spent the last ten years catalyzing creative communities and producing creative programs for public engagement. She holds an M.A. in arts administration from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a B.F.A. in visual art from Mason Gross School for the Arts.

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Brian Foo, Designer and Author of Cities of You
Brian Foo is a web developer, artist, and entrepreneur in New York City.  He is the founder of and, which sold in April 2011.  He is currently pursuing more traditional art projects, most recently raising funds on Kickstarter to publish his first book for his illustration project called ʺCities of Youʺ (  His long-term goal is to combine his art and technology background to find ways to further disrupt the art industry.

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